How to care for your Original Artwork

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Display your art in a safe place away from harsh elements

Every one of my original paintings have been protected with a layer of varnish to preserve it, however it’s still a good idea to display your painting in a safe place out of the way from certain elements that can damage or effect your art. Choose a place out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources or areas with a lot of moisture to ensure extra protection. Exposure to direct sunlight over long periods of time can lead to faded and/or cracked pigments, while heat can cause canvasses to warp and paint to dray and crack. I love good artwork in the bathroom, but please make sure the room has good ventilation when showering as even properly framed artwork can trap moisture and can cause mold and/or warp over time.

Keep it clean

Taking a quick look every couple of months at your paintings to see if they need to be cleaned is a good idea. If you notice any dust buildup on the surface, use a soft bristle brush to brush lightly over the surface to remove any dust and debris. Using cloths won’t be as effective and can also snag over the surface, especially if the painting has a heavier texture. Do not use any type of cleaning spray, water or liquid agents to clean your art. If the artwork is framed with gallery glass or Plexiglas, gently clean the glass with an ammonia-free cleaner on a lint free cloth as needed. 

Enjoy your artwork!

Thank you so much for taking the time to care for your original art! These steps will make it possible for you to enjoy your beautiful art for many decades to come.

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