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It’s proven that when you change your environment a certain way every time you start a project it can be easier to get into your “work mode” or sometimes called your “Creative Flow”. That’s why before I get ready to paint there are a couple things I always do: do a quick clean + studio set up(it’s always a good idea to stay organized), fill up my water bottle(got to stay hydrated!!), light a candle(soy are the best), and then start my “Painting Flow” playlist.

Music is an incredible tool that can trigger emotions, help block out distractions, and improve concentration. My painting playlist is full of inspiring, easy to listen to instrumental music. It has everything from Studio Ghibli, pride and prejudice, classics like Chopin and Vivaldi, cozy cottagecore tunes, even some video game music! It’s my favorite playlist by far, and gives me so much joy to paint too, and can help me work any sort of project.

You can find my playlist titled “Painting Flow” on Spotify at :

or by clicking the image below.

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