About me


Even though Art was a constant source of joy for me growing up, I was never very confident in my skills and often prioritized other things. It wasn't until I was a new mother and found myself in a quiet moment sketching the Savior when I realized just how much being creative can nourish our souls and bring light even in the darkest of days. From then on, I made a commitment to incorporate art into my daily life.

Now, the small inner workings of God in my life have been so much clearer and prevalent. Painting has taught me to slow down, take time to contemplate, and find quiet moments in our loud world. I also have a greater appreciation for all of Gods earthly creations, especially the beauty of flowers where I often find inspiration. I am grateful that I can share my testimony of our Savior by painting him, and it is my hope that my work will serve as a reminder of his love for you.



"Being creative can nourish our souls and bring light even in the darkest of days." 


One of the greatest gifts I have been given is the support of my family. I was born and raised in Colorado by loving parents who taught me the importance of kindness and a Christ centered home. I am incredibly blessed to have a Mom and Dad who always have supported my love of art. In addition, If it wasn't for the love and encouragement of my absolute soulmate and husband Jeremy, I would have given into self doubt early on when pursuing art as a career. Jeremy is often behind the scenes as videographer, IT services, and the packing and shipping department. Our three children keep life unpredictable and messy, (and my studio messier) but I am convinced that art and motherhood go hand and hand in my life, where one inspires the other.


More About me...

I love romantic period dramas, fantasy adventure stories, gardening and baking shows. I am a food enthusiast, holiday fanatic, and absolutely obsessed with flowers. Above all, my favorite roles are being a wife, a mother, and a Christ follower. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but I love and welcome all people from all faiths and backgrounds here in my corner of the internet.

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