JUNE 2023 - "My Favorite Little Flowers" Collection + We're Moving!

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Important Dates
June 15th (Today!) - Subscriber-Excusive Framed Small Flower Collection
New Estimated Print Shop Reopening: Late July 2023
We're moving!!

After 4 years in Northern Virginia, My family is packing up and headed to my home state of Colorado. This wasn't a surprise, we knew we would eventually head back to my beloved state and be closer to family, but I would be lying if I said I would miss the beauty Virginia has to offer, or the community we have grown to love so much.

Okay, but I think we all can agree, moving is such a chore!! That's why I've decided to postpone the re-opening of my print shop until we have settled in a new place. This also means postponing my annual Anniversary Sale. BUT! I promise it will still happen and it will be worth the wait.
Now onto some exiting stuff! I don't have any free digital downloads, promotions, or giveaways for you this month. I do however have some brand new originals for sale! The best part is, for a short time they are only available to my email subscribers! These paintings are of some of my favorite small flowers. Regardless of their size, these flowers make big impressions. The paintings come framed so all you have to do is find the perfect spot to display it. The link to the collection is at the bottom of this email. (Link only available to email subscribers)
Last month I said I would be releasing some new digital downloads and I am excited to tell you that I've added 5 new listings! (And more to come!) These digital downloads are of some of my older and much loved prints from when I first started to sell my work 5 years ago. It was so fun for me to go through all my old work, and it is such a pleasure to be able to have them available to you in this format.
When you purchase my work, digital downloads included, you are supporting my family and I during our transition to a new home. Even if you don't purchase anything at this time, know that I am so grateful simply for you being here, cheering me on. Thank you!
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