February 2023 - 20% off for you, lamp for me

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Important Dates

February 3rd-7th - Mini Floral Painting a Day Challenge
February 10th @10:00am MT - Floral Collection Release!!

You want to know what one of my goals for the month is? Its just to earn enough money to buy myself a lamp for my bedroom. I kid you not, ever since getting married 10 YEARS AGO we have never prioritized getting any kind of light fixture for our master bedroom. As someone who has “Being in my bed” high on my list of very real legitimate hobbies, you'd think I'd have a nice light in my room that would allow even more time to hang out in my bed in the evenings.
…Okay, maybe this isn't the most exciting reading material, but hey! This is my newsletter and if I want to talk about lamps, I'm gonna talk about lamps. ;)

So maybe you're not interested in hearing alllllllll about my light fixture thoughts, however, you just might be interested to know that starting today I'm having a little valentines print sale for email subscriber friends!! Get yourself (or your Valentine) some art, and simultaneously you'll be helping me reach my goal to get a lamp for my bedroom. ;)  (Sale code only available to email subscribers)

Happy Valentines day!
Don't forget to give yourself a little extra self love this season.

Works in progress

Valentines Floral Collection

I've been experimenting a little with my floral paintings recently. I've been practicing with different color schemes, using a bit of mixed media for some, and trying to loosen things up to try a more “Romantic” style approach. I also have these small 3" round paintings in these pretty mini frames I found. They immediately reminded me of little valentines when I saw them so I knew I had to include them! On February 10th these original floral paintings of various styles and sizes will be available for purchase on my website.

Here is how to get early access to the collection:
1st - sign up for emails (you can do this here)

2nd - on the day of the release at 10:00am MT, you'll receive an email from me. (Make sure you have your notifications turned on, and you check your spam folder) This email will have the password you will need to enter my website that will be locked for the release.

3rd - click the “Originals” link at the top left hand side of the screen and you'll be able to view and purchase any of the lovely floral paintings available. The website will be available to email subscribers for 2 hours until 12:00pm when I unlock the website and release the collection to the public.

5 Day Floral Painting a Day

I'm not quite finished experimenting and I want to add a few more florals to the collection, so I've decided starting tomorrow I'll be doing a mini challenge of one floral painting for the next 5 days. I'll be sharing the paintings including process videos on Instagram so be sure to check there to see what new paintings will be available on the 10th.

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